The Lean Construction Workshop

Experience a mock-up virtual pull plan from start to finish, including:1) What is the Last Planner System®? 2) Pulling backwards to create a phase pull plan 3) Walking through the plan to verify it 4) How & when to update your plan and 5) Real time coaching tips.

Gain a deeper understanding of the foundational Lean concepts of Value, Waste and Flow through live discussion and a virtual Waste Walk that will open your eyes to potential for the improvement that lies around each of us every day on every project in every company. in Lean principles and get some new ways to tal to other about Lean.

How to Lead a Virtual Pull Planning Session! (LPS2) Workshop

2 hours @ $145.00 - July 7, 2021 8:00am

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: those already familiar with the Last Planer System(R) who plan to run their own pull planning session. Learn what it takes to plan for and facilitate a virtual pull planning session from start to finish. Includes hands on experience with 3 different online collaboration apps and discussion of different planning templates.

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